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Sussex Badger Appeal

Sussex Badger Appeal

  • badger / Darin SmithBadgers in Sussex could be in crisis if culling goes ahead.

  • Our nature reserves could be in crisis if bovine TB (bTB) continues to spread.

  • Help us to act now by vaccinating badgers against bTB.It’s a win-win solution.

Did you know that a large area of the South Downs between Brighton and Eastbourne is a bovine TB High Risk Area? It is possible that the Government could sanction culling of badgers here in an official effort to control the disease.

We strongly believe that killing badgers is not the answer.

We want to vaccinate all the badgers on our nature reserves in the high risk area, and adjoining land where possible. We’ll never allow badger culling on our nature reserves, but vaccination may help control the spread of the disease, and that’s vital if we’re to continue to manage our nature reserves effectively. We’re asking you for your generous support to help us make this happen.

How to donate

Thank you for your support.


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