Foredown Community Allotment

Author Huw Morgan

Foredown Allotment Pumpkins / Huw Morgan

The Access to Nature project has been working at Foredown Allotments in Portslade, involving local people with the development of the allotment and with conservation work within the surrounding woodland. Work has included the planting of native wild flowers on the allotment, the creation of a small pond and starting a hazel coppicing programme. In our first year we have also managed a good crop of potatoes, red onions, broad beans, pumpkins, rhubarb and black currants.

We have staged several well-attended community events on the plot where local residents have got involved with planting wild flowers and fruit bushes, preparing raised beds and sampling the produce grown on the allotment. The site has also been used for some fantastic bushcraft sessions with local young people.

The Belgrave Special Needs Group have been a great help on site; making a stake and binder fence, weeding, watering and planting the beds. Together with Lorette Mackie at the Trust for Developing Communities, we are now trying to establish a regular weekly group that can meet up and take the development of the allotment forward.

On 28th Oct from 11:00 until 3:00 we are running a family Halloween fun-day with all sorts of Halloween games and a spot of tree planting. Be great to see you there for a bowl of pumpkin soup.

Link to a Living Landscape

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