Sussex Wildlife Trust Objects to Oil-Drilling Plans

Bechstein’s bat / Hugh Clark

Bechstein’s bat / Hugh Clark

Author Petra Billings
Landscapes Project Officer

In previous blogs I have raised serious concerns about Celtique Energie’s proposals for exploratory oil-drilling at Northup Copse Nature Reserve, next to The Mens at Wisborough Green. After much consultation, the Sussex Wildlife Trust have put together the following response which is being submitted to West Sussex County Council today.

We object strongly to this proposal and we urge all our members to support us by objecting too. We outline our ecological reasons for objection in our letter, not least the disturbance to the wildlife of Northup Copse Nature Reserve. There are also many other issues concerning local people, which you can see at

The deadline for responses is 24 October 2013.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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Sussex Wildlife Trust Objects to Oil-Drilling Plans — 3 Comments


  2. its greed again so they can sell it doesnt matter about the mess they make as long as they get rich,where did the north see oil go??they need someone in charge with a pair of balls,male or female, i dont think they can sell much more, from 70 year old on saturday and fed up of seeing this land go down the drain, i,m from south wales and we recently had a lovely pipeline accross our beautiful countryside,,import import import sell sell sell when will it end,, a bemused proud briton..john..

  3. I have submitted an objection to West Sussex County Council: “I object to the proposal as I believe it would damage the environment in the short term and undermine the imperative to reduce the consumption of carbon fuels in order to avoid catastrophic environmental damage. I support the objection made by the Sussex Wildlife Trust.”;jsessionid=c0a8832b30d99884bc255a774ed1ad34a44a290f94f9.e38KchmQc3qObO0LbN4Sbx8OaxiNe0?pprAplId=1599

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