You’ve Been Framed

Author Katie Eberstein Ever wondered about the wildlife that visits your school grounds once the children have left? Brighton & Hove environmental education project (BHee) is able to offer a one week loan of their motion-sensitive, infra-red camera that takes … Continue reading

Beach School

Author Erin Pettifer April marked the beginning of our exciting Beach School pilot with St Mary Magdalen primary school in Brighton. It’s got off to a brilliant start with Sussex Wildlife Trust staff and teachers alike buzzing about the fantastic … Continue reading

Crouching Ranger, Hidden Dragons…

Author Ryan Greaves For about a year and a half, Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Youth Rangers have been managing an area beside the Foredown Tower, in Portslade. There are a number of community allotments on the site, but our responsibility is … Continue reading

Biosphere Reserve

Author Tony Whitbread The Biosphere is the world in which we live and share with other living things – the zone of life around our planet – for which UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is developing … Continue reading

Photography Competition 2011 Winners Gallery

An atmospheric black and white image of the Brighton skyline in the midst of a starling murmuration by Mark Bromilow was selected as the overall winner of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s 2011 photography competition. Twelve winners were picked in total and … Continue reading

Foredown Community Allotment

Author Huw Morgan The Access to Nature project has been working at Foredown Allotments in Portslade, involving local people with the development of the allotment and with conservation work within the surrounding woodland. Work has included the planting of native … Continue reading