A pitiful attempt to save our seas

Author Dr Tony Whitbread I am bitterly disappointed by the government’s feeble attempt at marine nature conservation coming from the recent announcement about Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). Defra has now released its long-awaited consultation on the next stages of designation … Continue reading

An important meeting about the Arun and Rother river valleys

Author Tony Whitbread Our local rivers are precious and important for our economy, health, well-being and leisure as well as being vital for wildlife and the wider environment. Multiple pressures, however, impact on this valuable resource; including water abstraction, pollution, … Continue reading

Leadership still needed for nature’s recovery

Author Tony Whitbread A recent House of Commons report is disappointed with the progress made since the Natural Environment White Paper was published. It’s been just over a year since the Natural Environment White Paper (NEWP) came out. I welcomed … Continue reading

Message to MPs on the Natural Environment White Paper

Author Tony Whitbread Last year DEFRA led a public consultation on a new Natural Environment White Paper and at the time I wrote several blogs on its background. (See my blog posts from 2010) There were a record number of … Continue reading