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Download your free computer desktop wildlife calendar 2014

Download Calendar: November 2014

Starling Murmuration by Alan MacKenzie

Sussex Wildlife Trust calendar

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Click on the link for the calendar image, select your preferred size, wait for image to open in your internet browser, then right-click on images and select ‘Save as background image’ or ‘Save as wallpaper’.

Return the following month to download the next month's calendar image.

Rain or Shine pdf

All twelve calendar images are also available as a pdf file if you would like to download and print them.

Download pdf (5 MB)


The calendar features the winners of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Rain or Shine photography competition.

(in order of appearance): Paul Robards, David Jacobs, Chris Dixon, Madeleine Louise Ewins, Chloe Langton, Cathryn Mantovani, Tim King, Kutub Uddin, Tim Woodhatch, Kevin Tuck, Alan MacKenzie and Nick Ball.

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who took part and voted in the competition.


Do you enjoy taking photographs of wildlife and wild places in Sussex?

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